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Sunday, January 11, 2004 :::
I just don't understand anyone anymore. The guys all say they can't stand Sally, and say she's a hoe, but they all still flirt with her. I don't understand!!! Sam says that guys are so simple, but when I asked him why they talk about her that way, but still like her, but he couldn't explain it. It's so DUMB!!! When someone can fill me in, let me know.

Since we're on the subject of basketball now, I just got home from the boys' tournament at the HS. They got 4th :(, but they tried really hard. They have a really big height advantage. The tallest guy on our team is David, but he's only 5'11'' and the tallest guy on the other team was like, 6'7'' or something. He was HUGE.

I have to eat and do homework. Weekends are NOT long enough anymore.

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